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Starting out as one of our first clients, Massive Enterprises has seen amazing growth over the past 20 years. We were able to take entrepreneur Jeffrey Bihel and help polish him into the Fortune 500 executive he is today, from initial business plans for a one-man operation to a large multi-national corporation with ties in five continents.

Our strategic partnership with Massive Enterprises has provided us with some great insights into how high-level executives operate and has provided us with a number of mentors available with whom our clients may partner. Whether you’re a small startup or just need to take your career to the next level, we can get you there.



Our DejaVoo Z series is like having your cake and eating it too.  From built in loyalty programs to online tracking, the Dejavoo will change the way you process. Our convenience fee option will allow you to save up to 90% off your total monthly processing charges.  Ask us how today!


The VX520 is everything a counter top device should be. Delivering unprecedented performance, lighting-fast speeds, and compromised security, this power-packed payment device works hard so you don’t have to.


The uAccept MB3000 offers your business a fully-integrated touch screen POS system with cloud-connected software to help you save time and money. The MB3000 provides enterprise class functionality including payment processing, text messaging, customer loyalty program, advanced analytics, and more, all in one easy to use device.


SwipeSimple is a mobile point of sale solution that enables merchants to quickly and securely accept credit card payments from any smartphone or tablet. There is no competition when it comes to flat rate pricing at 2.68%, and no other fees period.


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