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No matter what size your business may be, we offer a number of State of the Art merchant processing solutions. Platinum Choice Bancard utilizes the power of tomorrows technology today to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your processing needs.


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Platinum Choice Bancard provides a level of excellence and service that has given us our outstanding reputation. When you work with our team of professional Account Executives, you get state-of-the-art solutions created by our award-winning in-house IT department. Our processing solutions and responsive, knowledgeable service are provided to our valued customers by our award-winning customer service department.

Level-3 processing provides more detailed information about the transaction.  Information such as invoice numbers and codes are  conveyed back to the buying organization.  This is done via the issuing bank. Our amazing Sales Agents will provide you with all of the knowledge you need.



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Our mobile app and credit card readers form a full-featured and easy-to-use payment terminal, which you can carry in your pocket. When you process credit cards with Platinum Choice Bancard you can take your business with you, and make sales anywhere.




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Choosing the right Point of Sale system for your business is an important decision. Make sure that the system that you choose will not only meet your needs today, but be able to grow as your business grows as well.





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Platinum Choice Bancard  provides comprehensive, easy to use, and efficient payment processing and data storage solutions. Our solutions offer businesses the ability to process credit card, gift card, and E-Check transactions over a secure internet connection. Additionally, our solutions allow businesses to store, manage, and export valuable data related to their payment processing. 


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